Vendor Info

We are currently accepting new vendors.


Small Booth is $35.00 Month + 10% of Sales    Size is 4Ft Wide 6ft Tall and 2ft deep.


Medium Booth is $50 Month +10% of Sales. Size is 5ft Wide 4ft Deep 6ft High


Large Booth Main Floor – $100 Month + 10% of Sales Size is 8ft Wide x 6ft+ High 3ft Deep



Larger Theme Rooms also available from $200-425 month +10% and we allow multiple vendors to share these spaces.

Main Showroom Floor Space 2 separate Corner spaces currently available.

Street side corner with Window $150 month + 10% 8ft x 8ft great visibility in main show room.


Inside Corner   (see manager for pricing) 10ft x 12ft with high walls.